Solid wood for entry halls – arrive home and take a deep breath.

Our cubus and cubus pure entry hall furnishings made of pure solid wood give your entry area a pleasant atmosphere and create a welcoming first impression. The incredible variety of options – from different wood types to numerous heights, widths, and depths, to glass surfaces in the colour of your choice (using NCS colours) – makes it possible to create individual solutions for any entry area. This means that your house’s “calling card” will reflect your own personal touch.

Drawing of the differences between the TEAM 7 entry hall ranges

Choose your style.

With its characteristic covering made from elegant coloured glass, our cubus pure entry hall will bring a chic accent to your entry way. Or maybe you prefer the cubus entry hall, in which the natural beauty of wood clearly plays the main role. Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed to find the right style!

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